Check out the best European Football / Soccer Kodi Live Streams for the 2017-2018 season here! Watch Football live on Kodi all season long with our easy step-by-step Kodi guide.

Stay up to date with the best Soccer Kodi live streams during the 2017-2018 season. No other site will have as in-depth of a European Football Kodi live streaming guide as Check out where you can stream Soccer on Kodi below!

Matches are broadcasted on a wide variety of TV networks depending on where you live. We will try to post every and all sources, but if you have a specific channel, you need to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or by commenting below on this post.

NOTE: Some of the add-ons below are geo-blocked and may not work in your country without a VPN. If you are interested, IPVanish can help you free all of your Kodi add-ons!

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European Football / Soccer Kodi Live Streams

  • SportsDevil
    • Live Sports > Atdhenet (Assorted games)
    • Live Sports > (Football section)
    • Live Sports > Firstrowsports (Football section)
    • Live Sports > (Assorted games)
    • Live Sports > (Assorted games)
    • Live Sports > (Football section)
    • Live Sports > (Football section)
    • Live Sports > (Assorted games)
    • Live Sports > (Football section)
    • Live Sports > (Football section)
    • Sports TV > (Sky, BT, SportsNet, BeIN, other sports channels)
    • Sports TV > (Sky, BT)
    • Sports TV > (Sky)
    • Sports TV > MamaHD (Sky, BT, BeIN, Premier, others)
    • Sports TV > (beIN)
    • Sports TV > (Sky, BT, BeIN, TSN, others)
    • Sports TV > (Sky, BT, BeIN, Eurosport, others)
    • Live TV > (UK Live TV and Sports sections – assorted)
    • Live TV > (USA TV) (Sky, BT)
    • Live TV > (Sky, BT, BeIN, others)
    • Live TV > S2 (Channels sorted by country)
    • Live TV > (Channels sorted by country)
    • Live TV > (Sports section, assorted channels)
    • Live TV > (NBC and USA Network)
  • UK Turk Playlists
    • Live TV > Assorted Channels
    • Sports > Assorted Channel
    • Sports > Schedule & Links to Live Sports 2
  • Bennu
  • Picasso
    • Sports Area > Live Games > Live Games List #1 – 3
    • Sports Area > Sports Channels > Assorted Channels
  • Project M
    • Sports > Live Sports TV > Assorted Channels
    • Sports > Live Sports TV > Live Sports Streams
    • Sports > Live Sports TV > Mama HD
    • Sports > Live Sports TV > Soccer Jumbo
    • Sports.> Live Sports TV > Stream Hunter
    • Sports >.Live Sports TV > Wiz HD Sports
    • Sports > Live Sports TV > Acestreams 1 (Acestream links, VPN recommended)
    • Sports > Live Sports TV > Acestreams 2 (Acestream links, VPN recommended)
  • Live Premiership
    • Live Matches
    • Live Channels
    • Also check out the rest of the addon for replays, highlights, documentaries, and other Soccer content
  • Sports World
    • Sports Channels > Assorted Channels
    • Football (Soccer) > SoccerStreams
    • Football (Soccer) > WizHD
    • Football (Soccer) > Football Highlights
  • KongTV
    • Sport Section > Assorted Channels
  • Made in Canada
  • The Delorean
    • Live TV (Beta) > UK Sports
  • Vortex
    • Special Events
  • Bob Unleashed
    • Bob Sports > Live Sports > Footie
    • Bob Sports > :Live Channels > Assorted Channels
  • cCloud
    • Sports > Sky Sports
    • Sports > BT Sport
    • Sports > (Check your local sports channel)
  • Ares Football
  • SportsAccess – Paid but guaranteed HD, buffer free, and featuring every single game

We want to keep this listing of Soccer Kodi 2016 live streams up-to-date the entire 2017-2018 season. If you have found any other streams or are curious about certain add-ons, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, or by commenting below.


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