This page is more or less left over notes on Kodi. The comments and notes herein may have actually been part of the guide at some point so I have placed them here because they no longer apply on how I have my Kodi boxes set up.

  • The best way to use Kodi is with a dedicated Android Media Box. with a few simple add-ons you will be watching literally anything you want, it can be installed via the Google Play Store. (Added Note: The following is based on Kodi 17.1)

    IMPORTANT: You have to install the Ares Wizard BEFORE SuperRepo.

  • The Ares wizard will also add SALTS (Stream all the sources), but I noticed that one of the key sources was missing (ProjectFreeTV) so you need to add more Repos.

    TIP: On your laptop bookmark all the “pair” URLs you sometimes get when trying to use a source when searching for an episode, you can then “pair” in advance all the links.

    If you want to customize widgets with Trakt, I suggest you install the skin “Mimic“. This will let you see as a widget on the main screen episode lists such as Favorite TV Shows, or maybe a menu link to your Kid’s tv list etc.


    I now use a skin called Titan , it has the same ability to add custom widgets (way more widgets in fact), and there is a layout within it that looks a bit like netflix, which is really cool.

    The advantage to this skin is endless to be honest I haven’t even started to touch all the options yet, needless to say that Trakt and Exodus work really well together in this skin.

    BTW, when you first install the Titan skin, it looks kinda lame, and plain… don’t let this fool you, it literally has all the features you could imagine. You just have to set them.