What is Bennu?

For many years Phoenix Kodi add-on had circulated the Kodi news, but the demise of this add-on led to the beginning of Bennu era. Bennu is the replacement of long-standing Phoenix Kodi add-on. It has tons of features that probably beats any other Kodi add-ons.

Amongst its many features, it include Movies, TV Shows, YouTube videos, Stand-Up comedy, Live TV, Kids section, and so much more. In this guide we will discuss how to install Bennu on Kodi.
How To Install Bennu on Kodi 16
Bennu Login Password
Bennu Not Working/Errors/Issues

How to Install Bennu on Kodi Krypton Version 17 or Higher

  1. Open the latest Kodi version i.e. Kodi Krypton on your system > Now select Settings icon on upper menu > Click on File Manager option > Now double click on Add Source.how to install bennu on kodi
  2. When the box appears, click where it says ‘None’ > Here you will need to add a Repository URL http://ares-repo.eu/ > Type Ares Repository as its name in the option provided below > Then click OK to save the information and close the box.how to install bennu on kodi krypton version 17 or higher
  3. Go to Kodi Home Screen > Select Add-ons > Click on Box icon on top also called Package Installer icon > Now select Install from Zip File.bennu on kodi setup
  4. Another box will open, but here you need to scroll down and click on Ares Repository > Then click on repository.aresproject-0.1.0.zip > Installation will start immediately.bennu kodi download zip file
  5. Now select Install from Repository option > Then click on Ares Project > Then go to Add-on Repository > Then click on Colossus Repository > Install > A ‘Tick Mark’ will appear on Colossus Repository which will indicate that the repository is installed.bennu on kodi settings
  6. Go back two steps by clicking on ‘Backspace’ key on your keypad > Then click on Colossus Repository > Video Add-ons > Bennu > Install.how to add bennu on kodi
  7. To view movies, then you need to go back to Kodi Home Screen > Select Add-ons > Then Video Add-ons > Bennu > Movies > Enjoy!

bennu on kodi configuration


How to Install Bennu on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 or Below

  1. Open the older version of Kodi i.e. Kodi Jarvis on your system > Click on System option present on the front menu > Then File Manager > Double click Add Source.
  2. Click on ‘None’ option when box appears > Then type URL http://ares-repo.eu/ > Click Done > Then type name at the bottom ‘Ares Repository’ > Click Done and then click OK.
  3. Now go to Kodi Home Screen > Then click on System menu > Select Add-ons > Install from Zip File > Scroll down to select Ares Repository > Click on repository.aresproject-0.1.0.zip
  4. Click on Install from Repository > Find and click on Ares Project > Then click on Add-on Repository > Select Colossus Repository > Install > Now go back two spaces by click on ‘Backspace’ key on keyboard > Then click on Colossus Repository > Go to Video Add-ons > Bennu > Install > Enjoy!


Phoenix Other Alternatives

Phoenix was once a popular Kodi add-on, but there’s always some old stuff being replaced by the new stuff in the Kodi world, and nothing’s permanent. Some of the Phoenix alternatives are highlighted below:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Bob Unleashed
  4. Gurzil


Bennu Login/Password

Bennu is a free third-party add-on and does not require any login and password to install the add-on. However, not long ago it had an adult section which required you to set a password so that it remains password protected. Otherwise, Bennu is a free Kodi add-on that does not require any subscription fee.


Bennu Not Working Errors/Issues

Since it is a new Kodi add-on, therefore its seem highly likely that the add-on would contain errors. Some of the errors that are likely caused in this add-on are provided below along with their solution:


Bennu Failed to Install a Dependency Error

This error normally occurs when a broken repository is considered to install this add-on. Whenever you try to install Bennu it shows up an error on the top-right of your screen, hence installation fails.



To rectify this error you need to install Bennu from a correct repository i.e. Colossus Repository. This repository can be found in Ares Project Repository. Our installation guide prefers Colossus Repository to install Bennu which has been discussed above.


Wrapping it All Up

Long-term Kodi fans may probably remember the famous Phoenix add-on because this was their go-to Kodi add-on. However, a crackdown against Phoenix led to the closure of this add-on, but it then reborn as Bennu. In this guide we have discussed steps on how to install Bennu on Kodi.