Download the Vortex Kodi add-on from two of the Kodi greats: Rockcrusher (Phoenix, VidTime) and Dreamweaver (VidTime). Featuring All of their trademark sections, read on below.

July 28th: Vortex has been updated to v2.1 with some server tweaks to make everything run a bit smoother for everyone. Check out some live events in Vortex this weekend!


Rockcrusher and Dreamweaver recently announced their departure from VidTime, and now they return with the Vortex Kodi add-on, a 2-person collaboration. Rockcrusher and Dreamweaver are a real life couple (according to social media at least) so we will soon see if working with your spouse is a genius idea or a disaster!

The Vortex Kodi add-on is split into two sections as expected: Rockcrusher and Dreamweaver. All trademark sections from both return: Epic fails, The Chive, Parkour, Racing, MotorSport, Music, and more.

There is a Special Events section in place for what we assume will be PPVs and other special events.

As expected, all links are in working order and you can expect nothing but quality from these two.

If you are interested in the installing the Vortex Kodi add-on, follow our guide below.

How to Install Vortex Kodi Add-on Guide

  1. Open Kodi and navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like “rock”. and then click OK
  4. Go back to your Home Screen and then to SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from Zip File > “rock”
  5. Select and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Select Get Add-Ons or Install from Repository (on Isengard or higher) > Rockcrusher Repository > Video Add-ons > Vortex > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

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