Kodi is a program that helps users stream music, videos etc to there screens. It does not have any content itself. The default add-ons that come directly from xbmc are as far as anyone knows, completely legal. They do not contain illegal copyrighted material.

Kodi is open source, that means that anyone can make an add-on… which in turn, means anyone can make an add-on that connects to a source which has illegal copyrighted material. That’s where the gray area of Kodi comes in, your computer can access illegal material on the internet, Kodi is exactly the same. Add-ons can be made to make searching hosting sites easy, and some of the sites in question may have completely legal content, or may contain illegal content.

Currently the law on streaming copyrighted films and TV shows is somewhat unclear.

However, the Court of Justice of the European Union says that you’re not breaking the law if you stream copyright protected content using software such as Kodi.

Whether Kodi boxes can be consider illegal or not largely depend on your current country of residence. UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and USA have strict laws against online piracy.

What you might not be aware of is that a lot of the Kodi addons you are using to watch movies and TV shows get their video feed from pirated streaming sites. That’s why UK police recently arrested a Kodi TV seller from Norfolk, England.

Your ISP can easily monitor your online activities. That’s the main reason so many unsuspecting Kodi TV box users get copyright infringement notices from their ISPs. To stay on the safe side, use VPN on your Kodi TV box. That way, you can stream movies, TV series, and live TV channels anonymously.