This is an ongoing guide to set up Kodi. Most of the content here is just links to other sites which have written it either better, or are the actual developers of an add-on that is mentioned here.

I try to add my two cents worth where noted, and use my own set up as a template.

This guide was last updated on: Jul 16, 2017 @ 2:50 pm

Index of the Guide:

  1.  What is Kodi
  2.  Is Kodi Legal
  3.  What Box should I use for Kodi?
  4.  How to Install Kodi on Android, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse etc
  5.  How To Add the Ares Wizard (17.3)
  6.  How To Add The Titan Skin
  7.  How To Add a Working Exodus Add-On
  8.  Custom stuff coming soon.
  9.  Footnotes, and old Notes.