Kodi can be installed on almost anything, including Linux, Mac, and PC. But it is native to Android devices, so it is likely to have less problems on one.

Most people that are regular users of Kodi, have it installed on a Android Box set meant for direct HDMI connection to a Television set. You can find these by checking local classifieds on craigslist, and on the internet.

The best boxes for Kodi are the new ones. I say that because by the time you read this, someone will have started producing another smart tv android box that works better then the last one. The more CPU, Memory, etc a box has the better off you will be. Hard drive space, and cache space is the number one thing to look for, the second being the version of Android that it comes installed in. At the time of this writing MarshMellow was the latest version of Android, and it works great with Kodi 17.1.x

That also brings up the version of Kodi you are using, again, at the time of this writing Kodi 17.1.x (Krypton) is the version that I am using. So this entire guide is based on the two Kodi boxes I use.